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I wrote this article because my personal need of remember in more than one time the configuration of pins of one specific connector. Under the assumption that many more people go through the same situation I decided to make this personal compilation de connectors like a personal reference and open to the entire Internet community.

The information on the connectors has been compiled from books, manuals, brochures and the Internet. However there is no guarantee of this information is correct (although this is the original intention). So I am not responsible for any damages, expenses and / or damages that may result from its use.


La información sobre los conectores ha sido recopilada de libros, manuales, folletos e Internet. No obstante no se garantiza que esta información sea correcta (aunque esta es la intención original). Por lo tanto no me hago responsable por los daños, gastos y/o perjuicios que puedan resultar de su utilización.

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