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In this section you can read about finished projects and those that I am still working on.

The projects are divided in several sections. The Software section containing little programs that I made. The Hardware section containing the construction of a steering wheel and pedals in order to control computer racing games. The VRML section contains a guide about this virtual reality language to model 3D worlds. Finally, the Circuits section includes the mounting of a slave flash and schematics of radio receivers circuits.

Furthermore, you can visit the section containing the VIGIA project to read about the development of a client/server architecture in order to control remotely a webcam just with the operator's head movement. Also, you can learn about designing and mounting of packet-radio modems which were used by radio amateurs before that the Internet becomes popular. Finally, you can read about the developing of a proportional-derivative controller in order to keep a pendulum in vertical position.

Recently, I have added a new section, called CoMVeT, in which I explain my researching about the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset used in my end of degree project.

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